For a manufacturer of connected health devices

Preparation for a CNIL investigation:

- Sensitizing teams to the GDPR

- Implementation of a CNIL investigation procedure

- Simulation of a CNIL investigation

For a transport company

Support for GDPR compliance :

- Mapping of the treatments used by the company and creation of the first version of the register

- Gap analysis

- Action plan

- Taking charge of the process and assistance to the DPO

For an SME in the industrial sector

Assistance for Sapin 2 compliance:

- Raising awareness of management and project members

- Mapping and analysis of the group's corruption risks, both for France and internationally

- Development of the company's Code of Conduct

- Ethical Alert Procedure

For innovative companies in the health sector

- Expertise on research contracts involving personal health data;

- Advice on monitoring the company's intellectual property rights;

- Compliance with the GDPR;

- Compliance with the legal framework for research on biological collections and clinical trials

For a SaaS software company based in the United States

Trusted service provider for France in the context of international business development and contract negotiations with major French companies:

- development of standard contractual terms and conditions for the business in France

- support in responding to calls for tenders and negotiating contracts in French and English

For an IT service provider

- Securing the company's contracts with its service providers and subcontractors

- Advice and awareness-raising in order to reduce the company's risks, particularly with regard to labour law

For an IT security service provider

- Development of the company's various contractual standards (outsourcing contract, consulting services contract, auditing services contract)

- Assistance and advice on the obligations related to the use of wifi

- Trademark search and registration

- Data Protection Officer (DPO)

For a collaborative platform

- Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU), legal notices and GDPR notices

- GDPR Compliance recommendations, advice and raising awareness of the regulatory aspects of the activity

For a collaborative platform

- Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU)

- Critical review of the contract for the acquisition of the software constituting the company's core activity

- Critical review of a software licence agreement

For an e-commerce site

- Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU), legal notices and GDPR notices

- Compliance recommendations

For a regional hospital grouping (GHT)

- Guide on respecting the rights of persons, focus on consent "in all its states"

- Advice on the appointment and mission of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the GHT

- Expertise relating to the national health identifier and the hosting of health data

For a company in the transport sector

- Securing intellectual property titles and trademark valuation strategy, prior art searches, trademark registrations with the INPI (French National Institute for Intellectual Property)

- Drafting and negotiation of a trademark licence agreement

For an interior design company

- Compliance reviews and securing company activities

- Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTC) and contracts to govern and secure relations with the company's various partners, service providers and subcontractors.

For an innovative start-up

Review and assistance in the negotiation of an R&D cooperation contract written in English with a global company; particular attention to be paid to the start-up's intellectual property in the context of discussions on this contract.

For a travel agency

Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS), legal and GDPR notices

For a start-up in the IT sector (web application)

- Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS), the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) and the CNIL notices.

- Compliance review and recommendations related to the use of users' personal data

For a consultancy service provider

Data protection :

- audit of information and data held by the company

- analysis of risks and associated safety issues

- definition of the security measures to be implemented jointly with the IT security teams

- drafting and implementation of the IT charter and raising awareness among in-house teams

- drafting of confidentiality and security commitments for the various partners, service providers and subcontractors

- bringing the company into compliance with the applicable regulations, in particular GDPR (for France and abroad)