Contracts, e-commerce, General Terms and Conditions


We secure your activities and help maintain the quality of your relationships with your customers and third parties.

To achieve this, we accompany you as far upstream as possible in the realisation of your projects and partnerships.

General conditions and contractual standards

Together, we will draw up your general terms and conditions and contractual standards. To ensure that these documents are perfectly adapted to your activity, this service is accompanied by an analysis of the regulations applicable to your activities.

You can thus be sure that they contain all the compulsory information, that they do not contain any illegal or abusive information, and that they are drafted in your best interests, according to the specifics of your situation.


enlightenedThe + Withlaw e-commerce special:

E-commerce package including:

  • Regulatory analysis of your activity
  • Review of the conformity of your websites and communication tools and the drafting of legal notices
  • The drafting of a set of general terms and conditions of sale in French and/or in English
  • The review of the site's GDPR compliance

We draw up your contracts and assist you in their negotiation, both in France and abroad:

  • Sales
  • Services delivery
  • Subcontracting
  • Co-Contracting
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Software licences and assignments
  • Licensing and assignment of intellectual property rights
  • and so on.


We can also carry out a critical review, in order to draw your attention to the essential points of the contracts proposed to you by your partners.


Responses to calls for tender

We also offer support in the response phases of calls for tender and referencing (private and public contracts).

The aim is to ensure that the contractual obligations that you are asked to take on do not represent a disproportionate risk or are not contrary to the regulations applicable to your activity. If this is the case, we will help you draw up and present proposals to safeguard your interests.

This approach is quite commercially sensitive and many companies are reluctant to discuss the conditions imposed on them in a call for tenders.

However, it can sometimes prove crucial (many contractual conditions in calls for tenders include a prohibition on providing similar services to a third party, even though it is your know-how. If you had to comply with this obligation, you would simply be prevented from working with the players in your target market).


enlightenedThe whole issue then lies in the presentation of the remarks, to be adapted on a case-by-case basis according to the knowledge you have of the customer and the length of your relationship.

With skilful management, the process can pay off in the end: your credibility is at stake!

Applying for financial aid, responding to a call for projects

Project leaders may have the opportunity to apply for financial support from public authorities (State, local authority, Regional Health Agency, BPI France, etc.) in the form of a grant application or as part of a call for projects.

The procedures and criteria to be followed vary according to the funders.

Each funder has its own requirements and standard plan.


enlightenedImprove your chances of winning the bid!



We help you to check the legal soundness of your dossier, both in terms of substance and form, so that your file can be processed more efficiently among the many applications for funding received.

We help you to manage your relationship with the public authority and also assist you in the contractual formalisation phase of the funding allocation.