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Business Law Firm

Fields of activity

National / international contracts | Consumer | E-commerce

IT | Cloud | Data Protection | Cybersecurity | CNIL | GDPR | Internet

Health | Digital health | Territorial health organisation

Compliance | Ethics | Deontology | Anti-corruption French law "Sapin 2"

Withlaw is Data Protection Officer (DPO)


Our business

We are at your disposal to answer your questions and deal with your business law issues.

Working very closely with our clients and attentive to their needs, we favour close and regular assistance over the long term, in order to be able to respond to your daily concerns.

If necessary, in your offices and within your teams, we review and negotiate your contracts, help identify the main risks to your business, set up the necessary processes and tools to secure your activity and perpetuate these processes and tools by raising the awareness of your internal teams.

Depending on your needs, we can, of course, also offer you occasional support on a specific issue.

Our key words

Openness | Proximity | Flexibility | Responsiveness | Reliability

Our priority

Meeting your expectations

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The office is located at 4 rue du Pré Botté in Rennes.

Contact us :
Anne-Laure Gaillard
+33 6 66 36 04 33

Florence Eon-Jaguin
+33 6 81 29 81 43

Feel free to send us an email using the contact form on the website.

We operate in France and abroad.

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