Legal translation



Withlaw creates a new value-added service: English - French legal translation.

We can translate your contracts written in English, and in particular, we can finalise your contractual standards in French.

Being native French speakers, we normally translate from English into French. Given our long experience of contracts drafted in English, we can also prepare your contractual documents and translate them from French into English. In this case, it may sometimes be necessary to arrange for a native English speaker to review our work.


enlightenedWhen you call on us to finalise your documents from one language to another, our legal expertise guarantees you the most relevant vocabulary and documents that are adapted and enforceable under French law: we don't just translate, we make the necessary adaptations to your documents.

Our core business and our know-how: drafting and negotiating your contracts, in both French and English.

And what's more, we love it!