The full details of our services and rates are available upon request.

No service can be provided and no fees will be charge without express consent being given in the form of a signed quote. Conformant to the regulations in force for legal professionals, express consent must be given via signing of the fee agreement.

The most suitable method of remuneration will be proposed between :

  • A flat-rate fee, covering the entire service regardless of the number of hours spent. This method of setting fees will be preferred whenever it is possible to quantify in advance the time to be devoted to the case.
  • A time-based fee, which may vary from 200 euros (excluding VAT) to 300 euros (excluding VAT) per hour, depending on the nature of the case. In this case, we will give you a prior estimate of the time to be spent on your file and will keep you regularly and duly informed of the work carried out and the number of hours we will have spent on it.
  • A so-called "result fee" may also be charged in certain cases. The rules applicable to the profession forbid in any case that this fee is the only remuneration of the lawyer.


enlightenedIf you need a lawyer on a recurring basis, or if you have a project requiring a long-term presence at your side (this is the case in particular for the conduct of a compliance programme), we will offer you a subscription under which we will devote ourselves to your company and/or your project for a period and a monthly fee determined in advance. In this way, you will benefit from long-term assistance, while keeping your budget for legal services under control.

In order to adapt to the needs of our clients, we can also offer services on a daily or half-day basis.