Compliance, Anti-Corruption Programmes Sapin 2 & CSR

Compliance & Risk Management


In the long run, compliance means the long-term survival of your company.

We carry out legal monitoring and benchmarking of best practices, analyse the legal risks with you, alert and assist you in bringing your activities into compliance with the applicable professional regulations.

In this context, we may be required to conduct internal audits before implementing the appropriate processes, action plans and procedures.

In conjunction with your HR department, we can set up internal tools to raise awareness among your teams.

We finalise the contractual clauses that need to be included in contracts with your clients and partners (subcontractors, service providers, etc.).


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Whenever it is necessary to carry out your compliance programme, we will work hand in hand with your teams.


"Sapin 2" anti-corruption programmes

In particular, we support you in setting up your anti-corruption programme:


1. Code of conduct defining prohibited behaviour

2. Alert procedure

3. Corruption risk mapping

4. Internal and external accounting control procedures

5. Procedures for assessing the risks posed by customers, suppliers and intermediaries

6. Training of your employees and partners

7. Disciplinary sanctions for non-compliance with the code of conduct

8. Internal mechanism for evaluating the controls implemented

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Corporate Social Responsibility



The approach known as "CSR" is becoming more and more important for entrepreneurs, including in SMEs, particularly through the demands of the market.


enlightenedAdopting an ethical approach and being able to communicate clearly and precisely on this approach is essential today in terms of image and to compete in public and private contracts.

Based on general principles, guides and existing charters such as the OECD guidelines, Global Compact, ISO 26000, we support you in this consideration and in the implementation of your company's CSR policies.


Sapin 2 and CSR are words that go very well together...

Two closely related approaches with shared steps:

·      Adoption of a Code of Conduct affirming the company's values and setting out all its commitments

·      Risk analysis

·      Development of action plans

·      Implementation of internal rules and procedures


The parallel pursuit of both anti-corruption and CSR approaches thus makes sense.


If you wish, we may offer you assistance in the context of your reflection and commitments in the field of CSR, in close connection with your Sapin 2 compliance.